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Skill points and cheats

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General SkillsEdit


  • Wrenchmaster - Kill three enemies with one wrench throw
  • Round Trip - Kill an enemy using the Spiral of Death on the disk's return trip
  • The Simple Art of Armageddon - Kill 15 Enemies without releasing the R.Y.N.O. V's trigger
  • Longshot - Kill 30 enemies by targeting their weak spot using the Plasma Striker
  • Sonic Assassin - Fire the sonic eruptor 50 times at the xenogotes full lung stage
  • Party Crasher - Kill 50 enemies dancing to the groovitron (cumulative, not in one go, so don't waste time)


  • Head Like a Rock - Hoverboot through 100 crates in total
  • You're Fired - Keep an oil fire going through more than 30 seconds
  • Orvus' Son - It's simple, throw a time bomb, the fire the R.Y.N.O. V into it


  • Subzero Hero - keep four enemies simultaniously frozen with the cryomine glove
  • Custodian of time - Fix 50 broken objects with the cronosceptre
  • Master of Time - reach round 30 in the time fixing mini game
  • Dance, Monkey, Dance - Turn 8 enemies into monkeys and throw a groovitron
  • Ace Pilot - Destroy 20 fighters without getting hit


  • Magic Bullet - Kill 2 enemies with one Cunstructo Pistol Bullet
  • Shock therapy - trap an enemy with a Mag-net and kill it with the Tesla spikes
  • Regifter - kill two enemies with their own attack (clank)
  • Friend of Fred - Kill 10 enemies with one Rift Inducer 5000 shot
  • Air Lombax - Defeat 50 enemies in mid-air (ratchet)
  • Champion Bowler - Kill 10 enemies with one Dynamo
  • Negative, Ghostrider - Destroy 5 dropships before they drop off enemies


Zolar ForestEdit

  • Cold Killer - Kill 100 Zyphoids in the woods
  • Terrible Tourist - Break every breakable object in the Fongoid Village

Agorian BattleplexEdit

  • Interception! - Grab an Agorian's Bomb, mid-air and throw it back!
  • Impatient Champion - Finish, Gone in 60 Seconds, in 45
  • Lifted and Gifted - Complete any challenge in the battleplex without taking off the hoverboots, with how complicated this is: First: activate the boots, Second: Begin the "Fun with Fusion Turrets" challenge, Final: Mount the turret and complete the challenge.
  • Master Blaster - begin quark's B.S. game "My Blaster Runs Hot" (:P), and keep the blaster in a hot state for 60 seconds without letting it overheat, the skill is awarded when you exit the game.
  • Praetorian Guard - Defeat the Elite Hydra Tank with only the wrench, having a weapon at the beginning of the battle negates the skill. for an added kick, use the Azimuth skin, and the cheat to change the wrench into the praetorian wrench >:D
  • Flawless - Complete Overkill without taking ANY damage, best if done with: The R.Y.N.O. V, the Groovibomb glove, and Zurkon the Destroyer.

Nefarious Space StationEdit

  • Pest Control - Kill every Teratrope on the outer perimeter with a Hyper Strike

Krell CanyonEdit

  • Bug Bait - Take damage from 4 of the 7 tetramite nests without dying (dying during the Agorian raid does not negate this)
  • Treasure Hunter - Destroy all camo crates in Krell Canyon

Axiom CityEdit

  • Terachnoid Rave - Make a cumulative total of 12 terachnoids dance
  • Baggage Handler - Destroy EVERY piece of luggage in the city

Molonoth FieldsEdit

  • Spring Cleaning - Simple, throw a bomb on the pile of scrap in front of Aphelion
  • Son of Kaden - Complete the hoverboard track in less than 45 seconds

Polaris Galaxy SectorsEdit

  • Vela Sector - Chasing Tail - Follow right behind (and inside) the comet's tail for 15 seconds. NOTE: you must be close as to where you start getting damaged
  • Vela Sector - No Respect for the Dead - Break every piece of junk in the ship graveyard
  • Bernilius Sector - Hit and Run - Kill ten space enemies by ramming them with the quantum deflector
  • Korthos Sector - The Samaritan - Help EVERYONE in the sector
  • Phylax Sector - I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick - 5 u-turns in 20 seconds
  • Phylax Sector - Stockpiler - Kill 20 enemies without using missiles (using lasers does not work)

The Great ClockEdit

  • Temporal Pacifism - Do not harm the teratropes during the time puzzle directly after obtaining the cronosceptre
  • Brainiac - Complete the final puzzle in the great clock in less than 40 seconds
  • What Goes Up... - Keep a crate suspended in the air for three seconds
  • Outta Time - Complete the first level in under 300 seconds


Customize AphelionEdit

  1. Zoni
  2. Hot Rod
  3. Racer
  4. Military

Cryomine Glove UltraEdit

Changes appearance of cryomine glove

Altered ArsenalEdit

  1. Normal
  2. Big
  3. Huge
  4. Giant
  5. Tiny

Rainbow TrailsEdit

Makes weaponfire trails... rainbows

Wrench ReplacementEdit

  1. OmniWrench
  2. Azimuth's Wrench
  3. ChronoSceptre
  4. Rubber Chicken
  5. Plunger

Time DistortionEdit

Can move normal game speed faster, or very faster

(final cheat name yet to be discovered)Edit