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skills and cheats

Info gathered by: Ryusenka16

Info originated here

For best results... attempt BEFORE challenge modeEdit



  • A Smashing good time - smash all consumer bots and crates at the spaceport
  • I should have gone down in a barrel - Jump down both gelatonium waterfalls
  • Giant hunter - kill all of the 3 leviathans


  • Wrench ninja 3 - get from the landing zone to the very first robo-wings segment using only the wrench (best if attempted after getting Aphelion)
  • We don't need no stinkin' bridges - jump over the gap between the retractable bridge and the final platform without activating the bridge
  • Surface-to-air plasma beasts - kill three flying enemies with plasma beasts
  • been around - take off from each robo-wings launch point (press triangle rapidly as soon a ratchet jumps

Voron Asteroid BeltEdit

  • Collector's Addition - collect all 10 cargo crates
  • Minesweeper - clear out 10-15 mines
  • Whats that, R2? - perform 10 barrel rolls


  • I think i'm gonna be sick - Ride the ferris wheel full circle, 5 times without getting damaged
  • Fast and the fiery-ous - go throught flaming bridge to the colliseum with the charge boots without getting hit
  • One heckuva peephole - use the geo-laser on the rock face on mukow

Rakar Star ClusterEdit

  • You sank my battleship! - destroy 75% of the battleships
  • Pretty light - do not destroy any snatchers
  • I've got places to be - destroy Iron Crotch Caruso in less than 2:30